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Meet our Partners

Telefilm Canada

Telefilm Canada is a key catalyst for Canada's audiovisual industry, supporting and promoting the production, distribution, and export of Canadian films and television content. As a federal cultural agency, Telefilm provides financial assistance, funding programs, and strategic support to Canadian filmmakers, producers, and talent, fostering the growth and sustainability of the industry. Through its diverse initiatives and partnerships, Telefilm Canada plays a vital role in showcasing Canadian creativity and culture on both national and international stages, contributing to the enrichment of Canada's cultural landscape.

Canadian Consulate in Texas

The Canadian Consulate in Austin collaborates with Canada House during SXSW, enhancing Canada's visibility at the festival. Through showcases, networking events, and panels, they spotlight Canadian artists, startups, and innovators, facilitating connections with industry professionals and investors. This partnership fosters meaningful collaboration and cultural exchange, showcasing Canada's vibrant creative and entrepreneurial spirit on a global platform.

Ontario Create

Ontario Creative serves as a dynamic hub for creativity and innovation within the Canadian province of Ontario. This vibrant initiative fosters collaboration, supports local talent, and drives economic growth across various creative industries, including arts, culture, design, and technology.

DGC Ontario

DGC Ontario is a key player in Ontario's film and television sector. Through resources, networking, and advocacy, they support industry professionals while also fostering emerging talent. Their contributions bolster Ontario's reputation as a premier production hub, enriching both its cultural landscape and economic prosperity.

Picture NL

PictureNL, formerly the Newfoundland and Labrador Film Development Corporation, is a Crown corporation established in 1997 by the provincial government. Its mission is to grow the local screen industries by supporting local productions and attracting guest productions to film in the province. Operating under the Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation, PictureNL serves as the primary contact for inquiries about filming in Newfoundland and Labrador and provides guidance to local filmmakers and production companies.


CIMA extends its impact to international platforms like Canada House during events such as SXSW in Austin. Through sponsorships and facilitation, they provide Canadian independent musicians with showcase opportunities, enhancing their visibility on a global scale. This collaboration fosters networking and export agreements, promoting Canadian music to a wider audience while contributing to the growth of the independent music sector.

The Frontier Collective

Vancouver's burgeoning tech ecosystem is rapidly expanding, poised to become a global leader in frontier technology. The Frontier Collective addresses the need for foundational support for startups, focusing on talent attraction, investment growth, and reshaping the region's narrative. With technology now surpassing traditional industries in employment, it's time to capitalize on this momentum and further propel Vancouver's tech sector forward.

Investissement Québec International

The Quebec government, renowned for its cultural richness and innovation, partners with Canada House at SXSW to showcase its diverse talent and creativity. This collaboration highlights Quebec's dynamic cultural scene, vibrant startup community, and cutting-edge research, reinforcing its commitment to fostering collaboration and driving economic growth. Through this partnership, Quebec aims to position itself as a global leader in creativity, innovation, and cultural exchange.


Simon Fraser University (SFU) is a renowned Canadian institution known for its innovative research, dynamic academic programs, and commitment to community engagement. Located in British Columbia, SFU has garnered a reputation for fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and pushing boundaries in fields ranging from technology and business to the arts and social sciences.

Studio Overall

Since 2011, Design By Judith Portier has been a pioneer in event design. With a predominantly female and inclusive team, the company has orchestrated over 200 installations at festivals, museums, and cities.

Today, holding the ECORESPONSIBLE certification from the Council of Sustainable Industries of Canada, the company remains at the forefront of its field.

It's a design studio where passionate and versatile designers have had their multidisciplinary creations recognized on seven occasions, boasting a multitude of clients and partners


Cr34te is a dynamic platform that fosters creativity and innovation in the digital realm. Through programs, workshops, and events, it empowers individuals to explore their creative potential and develop new skills in areas like coding, design, digital art, and entrepreneurship. With a focus on collaboration and community, Cr34te aims to inspire innovation and shape the future of creativity in the digital age.

Eric Cazes

Archetypes & Effects

Archetype & Effects is a leading Canadian company specializing in immersive audiovisual experiences. They blend cutting-edge visual effects with captivating storytelling across various mediums, from interactive installations to film production. With a team of skilled artists and technologists, they push creative boundaries to deliver excellence in every project, shaping the future of immersive entertainment.


The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) fosters partnerships across Canada to support the growth of Indigenous tourism. Through its membership process, ITAC engages Indigenous tourism partners and provides services such as economic development advice, conferences, training, and industry information. ITAC aims to improve the socio-economic situation of Indigenous people nationwide and unite the Indigenous tourism industry for collective support and promotion.

Marie Coté