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The Reels Zone

The Reels Zone11:00 am - 3:30 pm(GMT-06:00)


(Saturday) 11:00 am - 3:30 pm(GMT-06:00)

Event Details

Step into the dynamic world of The Reels Zone, a lively space dedicated to capturing the pulse of our event through live Social Reels, Reactions, Podcasts, and more. In partnership with leading platforms, this area is buzzing with energy, offering a platform for voices from across the globe to share insights, stories, and perspectives on transforming our food systems. Whether you’re interested in engaging discussions, live reactions to panels, or immersive podcast experiences, The Reels Zone is your go-to spot for real-time content that enlightens and entertains. Join us to be part of the conversation and connect with a global community passionate about making a difference. 


Important information

Entry: 21 years+
Local regulations require the following security precautions to gain entrance to the venue:
Everyone must show a valid, physical piece of identification at the door. Expired documents, photos and digital identification will not be accepted.
Bag searches and security metal detecting wands will be used at the door.
No outside beverages, including coffee and water, are permitted.