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Reconciliation Through Tourism

Reconciliation Through TourismEmpowering Indigenous Communities in Canada 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm(GMT-05:00) Event Organized ByCanada House


(Tuesday) 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm(GMT-05:00)

Event Details

Destination Indigenous (DI) is a groundbreaking nonprofit initiative committed to illuminating the rich culture and vibrant traditions of Indigenous communities spanning Canada’s diverse landscape. Join us on an inspiring journey led by Zane Buchanan, DI’s Creative Manager and proud member of the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan, as we explore the profound impact of Indigenous Tourism on the path to Reconciliation. 

By fostering genuine connections with Indigenous Peoples and empowering economic and cultural autonomy within these communities, Indigenous Tourism emerges as a transformative force driving Reconciliation from coast to coast to coast. Delve into how DI cultivates authentic connection through its innovative The Original Original Accreditation program, strategically bridging the gap between Indigenous enterprises and non-Indigenous audiences. Emphasizing the paramount importance of authenticity in Indigenous experiences, this initiative is reshaping perceptions and fostering mutual understanding between diverse cultural groups. 


Important information

Entry: 21 years+
Local regulations require the following security precautions to gain entrance to the venue:
Everyone must show a valid, physical piece of identification at the door. Expired documents, photos and digital identification will not be accepted.
Bag searches and security metal detecting wands will be used at the door.
No outside beverages, including coffee and water, are permitted.

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